Social collaborative ideation network

This project was started in 2014 with a small group of friends in Tokyo, Japan. Originally focused on bringing Ideas to life through social media. I believe that brave, new ideas deserve to be shared in circles of friends. Evolutionary ideas are the kind that can revolutionize the way we live our daily lives.

At Linspira, we believe you have the ideas to change the world! Ideas are the currency of thought. Through a single idea, we can build a fantastic new world! Share your ideas and link your inspirations together with your circle of trusted friends and advisors. We believe you can spark the next evolution in technology. Are you brave enough to claim your ideas?

Of the original group, I am the remaining founder with full ownership of the IP. While the site, as of 2020, is officially shutdown, I have it in mind to pivot the premise to blockchain to address the most common concern presented by users of the site - how do I prove I own the idea... This is where I believe blockchain will help. Using a concept similar to NFTs, all ideas on the site would be issued a token representing the address that proves for all eternity who originated an idea.

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