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I've traveled most of the States except for the northwestern parts. I have been to India, South Korea, Malaysia, Cambodia, New Zealand and Canada. I have been living in Japan since 2008. I love most of Japan. But like any place you stay long enough, you eventually find the things that annoy you. For as long as the balance of things I like exceeds that for which I disagree with, I will continue to live in Japan.

I've never been afraid to confront any challenge. I usually make it a point to learn something new everyday. I believe that the moment you stop learning is the moment you start dying. Life starts to become boring if it becomes too comfortable. I don't mind stepping outside my comfort zone and learn something new from time to time. Keep the body and mind moving. This is a great way to expand one's mind and experience in life.


Richie Bartlett, Jr.

​​and I’m a Solutions Architect and Entrepreneur.

I'm a native English speaker married to a Japanese National with who I converse in 日本語 about 80% of the time. My Japanese is considered to be business level.

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Always thinking of how to automate something so I can focus on the real problems. Integrating infrastructure and software together is the best way. Excellent analytical ability for new technology and web-based applications.. 

From MacOS; LAMP stack; MS-DOS 3.0 to Windows 2012r2; and various Linux versions (mostly RHEL & CentOS), I have extensive experience to ensure your IT's backbones remain reliable. Know implementations for Hybrid cloud with AWS and on-premise environments.

HOMETOWN: Dallas, Texas
CURRENT HOME: Chiba, Japan
DEGREE: Computer Science & Electronics Engineering
FAVORITE Language: PHP & JavaScript

HOBBY: LEGO, coding, blockchain

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